Call of Duty (franchise)
Call of Duty title trans
Vital statistics
Genres First-Person Shooter
Developers Infinity Ward, Treyarch
Publishers Activision
Notable Individuals Mark Rubin
First Release October 29, 2003
Okay, listen up- today we're on a secret mission to get coffee and doughnuts. Problem is, the Germans drank all the coffee and ate all the doughnuts, so now, we gotta go kick their asses.
— Cpl. Dixon, Call of Duty 3

Call of Duty is a First-Person Shooter franchised published by Activision and developed by Infinity Ward, Treyarch, Gray Matter Interactive, Nokia, Exakt Entertainment, Spark Unlimited, Amaze Entertainment, n-Space, Aspyr Rebellion Developments, Ideaworks Game Studio, Sledgehammer Games and nStigate Games. The franchise is one of the highest selling of all time, leading to an industry trend of multiplayer-focused, brown and grey military first-person shooters.

Main GamesEdit

Spin-Off GamesEdit

Remakes and RereleasesEdit

Canceled GamesEdit

Other MediaEdit


  • Behind the Liens: The Art of MW2
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops II: Rightful King

Films and SeriesEdit

  • Find Makarov: Operation Kingfish

Comic BooksEdit

  • Modern Warfare 2: Ghost

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