The Capcom Arcade Cabinet is a digital compilation of classic pre-CPS era Arcade games released on the Xbox Live Marketplace and the Playstation Network in late February 2013 to celebrate Capcom's 30th anniversary. The game initially only comes with Black Tiger on the Playstation 3 for free, or with Black Tiger, Avengers and 1943 for 400 Microsoft Points on the Xbox 360, but it worked as a front-end digital marketplace that offered additional games on a bi-weekly basis. Players that purchased every game as it came out were rewarded with an additional two games at the end of the release schedule. Playstation 3 players were also able to save recordings of their gameplay sessions and upload them to Youtube to show off, while Xbox 360 players were able to take screenshots of their progress at any point to post onto Facebook, displaying their progress.

Featuring a robust series of collectables, such as concept and promotional art new and old, entire soundtracks to each game, full trophy and achievement support, readable manuals and  various additional game modes including Score Attack, Training Mode and Casual Mode, the Capcom Arcade Cabinet sets out to provide the most complete rendition of each of the included games yet. The game also features a built-in Historical Timeline that allows players to see the exact date and release order of each game in the Collection from 1984 to 1988.

First Collection of GamesEdit