The result is staggering: it isn’t cockpit view; it is truly immersive first-person-racing.
— Matt Southern

DriveClub, sometimes stylized as #Driveclub, is an upcoming first-person social-team based Racing game developed by Evolution Studios, a team who's pedigree includes talent from games including Motorstorm, Gran Turismo, WipEout, Project Gotham Racing and more, and published by Sony Computer Entertainment as a launch title for the Playstation 4 system.


DriveClub has numerous camera angles for players to choose from, but the default and "most immersive" is a specialized first-person view from within the Driver's seat of the car, allowing players to realistically see from the windshield across the road while keeping track of information about the Car itself such as speed inside the Car.

DriveClub was designed from the ground up as a social team-based game- it's about connecting together with your friends, forming your own racing team or group, and constantly competing with each other, pushing each other to get better and setting new challenges, while breaking the records of other teams online.


DriveClub has cycled through various stages of development for nearly a decade before it's first reveal at Sony's Playstation 4 conference. The idea of a social team racer was decided too far ahead of it's time for development on the first three Playstation consoles, and was placed on the back burner until technology advanced far enough that social interaction was more deeply integrated into modern life.


To be released.


TBA- DriveClub has been announced as being a big vehicle for DLC, but none has been announced yet.