Fate (franchise)
Logo fatestaynight
Vital statistics
Genres Visual Novel, Fighting, JRPG
Developers Type-Moon, Cavia, Eighting, Image Epoch, DELiGHTWORKS
Publishers Type-Moon, Capcom, Marvelous Entertainment, Aksys Games, Ghostlight,
Notable Individuals Kinoko Nasu
First Release January 30, 2004
I want to be a hero.
— Recurring
People die if they are killed.
— Recurring, somehow.

Fate is a part of the Type-Moon developed "Nasu-Verse", the multimedia multiverse written by Kinoko Nasu. As a multimedia project, the Fate series stretches over multiple formats and genres, but began as an eroge Visual Novel, Fate/stay night, but has since branched out into multiple different anime, light novels and JRPGs covering multiple separate continuities, the "primary" one being Fate/stay night, it's sequel Fate/hollow ataraxia and the prequel light novel series (and anime adaptation) Fate/Zero.

The franchise revolves around the recurring Holy Grail War- an event that occurs when the fabled Holy Grail imbues seven Magi with the power to summon powerful Heroic Spirits, warriors and legends from history, to act as their Servants. The Master and Servant team that claim the Holy Grail is said to be able to make any wish come true.

Main GamesEdit

Spin-Off GamesEdit

Remakes and RereleasesEdit

Other MediaEdit


  • Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works
  • Fate/stay night: Heaven's Feel

Anime and MangaEdit

  • Fate/stay night (Studio Deen anime)
  • Fate/stay night manga
  • Fate/Zero (ufotable anime)
  • Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA (Silver Link anime)

Light NovelsEdit

  • Fate/Zero
  • Fate/Apocrypha

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