You look mighty tasty!
— Bert

The Bert - Playable Guardian pack for Guardians of Middle-Earth is a small piece of DLC adding a new playable character into the game. Bert, a stone troll, is the leader of a roaming pack of three of his kin, who seek food and treasure in the lands less traveled by their fellow "evil" creatures. First seen in the famous chapter from The Hobbit, Roast Mutton, where Bilbo and Thorin's company of Dwarves are all captured by the trolls to be eaten, only to be saved by Gandalf. Bert's appearance in the DLC is a cross-promotion with The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey film, as he shares his design and mannerisms from the Peter Jackson version, as do his fellow DLC Guardians.

Bert the Troll can be purchased for $1.99 or 160 Microsoft Points on the console of the player's choosing after his release on December 14, 2012. Bert was also released alongside a compatibility patch that added The Shire playable map. Players with the $15.00 Season Pass earn immediate access to Bert and the Shire for free.

Playable CharacterEdit

  • Bert the Troll


Bert is a Tactician class Guardian, and while he has difficulty winning battles by himself, he is designed to provide excellent support to a teammate in trying to take a lane and stop enemy Guardians. His first Ability, Bonfire, creates a persistent fire on the ground that damages any Guardian, Tower or unit that enters into the flame. His second ability, Mutton, targets an enemy Guardian who is then pulled towards Bert, is stunned, and takes some damage, allowing Bert to follow up with additional attacks or leave the Guardian for a more melee-oriented team member to deal with. His third ability, Spirits, increases Bert's base movement speed and defense, making him more resistant to most forms of attack. His final ability, Stumbling Rage, is an area attack that does damage with a lasting Fear effect.

Bert's basic attack style causes him to throw barrels at his enemies to damage them, but his basic attack stat is very low. He is forced to rely on his special attacks, a much higher ranking stat, to deal significant damage, and even then works best as a support guardian. He also possess a high Suvivability stat, causing him to take more damage and last longer, helping out his rather low attack stats. His difficulty to use is listed as moderate.


The Bert - Playable Guardian add-on pack has been fairly well received by the fanbase, who are happy to get new playable characters. While not as well liked or popular as his fellow release, Bilbo, Bert maintains a four out of five star user review on the Xbox Live Marketplace and a little less than four stars on the Playstation Store.