Mother (franchise)
Vital statistics
Genres JRPG
Developers Ape, HAL Laboratory
Publishers Nintendo
Notable Individuals Shigesato Itoi
First Release July 27, 1989
No crying until the ending.
— Mother Tagline
Strange, Funny, and Heartrending.
— Mother 3 Tagline

Mother, also known as EarthBound in North America, is a japanese role-playing game franchise developed by Ape and HAL Laboratory and published by Nintendo on the NES, SNES, and GameBoy Advanced. The series' first released was in 1989 with the game Mother. A copy of the unreleased NES EarthBound cartridge was auctioned and the game code was extracted from it and circulated for download on the Internet. To avoid confusion, the game was dubbed EarthBound Zero by fan translation group Neo Demiforce. A sequel, Mother 2, better known as EarthBound in America, was released on June 5, 1995 to critical acclaim and a cult fanbase years later. Years later in 2006, Mother 3 was released in Japan, and no localization has been planned since. The series has yet to see another installment.

In 2013, EarthBound was released on Nintendo's Virtual Console service for the first time on March 20 in Japan and July 18 2013 in North America, as well as Australia and Europe, seeing their first release of the game.

Main GamesEdit

  • Mother/EarthBound Zero (1989)
  • Mother 2/EarthBound (1995)
  • Mother 3 (2006)

Remakes and RereleasesEdit

  • Mother 1 + 2 (2003)

Cancelled GamesEdit

  • EarthBound 64