Primal Carnage: Genesis began development at a time when the Primal Carnage brand and Lukewarm Media were being pulled in different directions, and forces within the company could not completely agree on which project to pursue.
— Aaron Pollack

Primal Carnage: Genesis is an upcoming episodic prequel to the PC multiplayer First-Person Shooter Primal Carnage, developed by Lukewarm Media and confirmed as a consoleexclusive for the Playstation 4. The game was initially confirmed as a launch title for the PS4, but the game was placed "on hold" for the time being.


To be written.


To be written.


Lukewarm Media began work on Primal Carnage: Genesis shortly after the completion of their multiplayer shooter, Primal Carnage was completed, making heavy use of Sony's new policies to aggressively recruit Indie developers to their new Playstation 4 console. Primal Carnage: Genesis was announced for the first time on the Playstation Blog on March 25th 2013.

On October 27th 2014, a sequel to Primal Carnage, Primal Carnage: Extinction was announced on the Playstation Blog alongside a notification from the development team that the reason why Genesis missed its original release estimate and no word had since been heard was because the game was being placed "on hold", and that they would instead focus on Extinction for the time being, while thanking fans for the support.


To be released.