After the failures of Twisted Metal 3 and Twisted Metal 4, the series almost seemed to have fade away. This, however, was changed, with the release of Twisted Metal: Black in 2001, a game that redefined the franchise with a new developer, and took it into a new, darker direction than the previous installments. 

Playable CharactersEdit

  • Agent Stone - Outlaw
  • Axel - Axel (Unlockable)
  • Bill Ray Stillwell - Junkyard Dog
  • Black - Manslaughter (Unlockable)
  • Bloody Mary - Spectre
  • Cage - Warthog (Unlockable)
  • Charlie Kane's Son - Yellow Jacket (Unlockable)
  • Dollface - Darkside
  • John Doe - Roadkill
  • Marcus Kane - Minion (Unlockable)
  • Mr. Grimm - Mr. Grimm
  • Needles Kane - Sweet Tooth
  • No-Face - Crazy 8
  • Preacher - Brimstone
  • Raven - Shadow


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As with previous titles, Twisted Metal: Black revolves around a man known as Calypso offering a single wish to those who risk their lives by entering the Twisted Metal tournament. Calypso often grants the wishes of those who seek revenge, while tricking those with noble deeds. 

Each character in the game, save for unlockables, has their own intro, middle, and ending cutscene which is narrated by themselves. Many of the contestants are locked up in Blackfield Asylum in Midtown, in which Calypso meets and offers them the deal of a lifetime.

It is revealed that the game takes place within the mind of Needles Kane, driver of Sweet Tooth, a psychopathic kille, giving the game it's more distinct darker tone from other games in the series.


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