Hello Commander,The war continues, at great cost. We now believe another force has [static] against us, if not dealt with swiftly, they could destroy us. What we're about to tell you cannot be repeated. Even now, enemy agents could be ...
— Council Spokesman

XCOM: Enemy Within is the 2013 expansion pack for the turn-based strategy game XCOM: Enemy Unknown, developed by Firaxis Games and published by 2K Games. Enemy Within introduces numerous new gameplay mechanics, such as mechs and soldier augmentations, with additional new enemies and over 47 new maps to play on. Enemy Within was released for $29.99 for a PC digital copy, and $39.99 for the console physical release, which includes all additional add-on content for Enemy Unknown- the Slingshot Pack and the Elite Soldier cosmetic add-on.


Enemy Within adds numerous new gameplay mechanics to the core XCOM game, though as an expansion pack, the basic gameplay remains the same. A new resource, The Meld, can be found in-game which allows the player to genetically augment individual soldiers to unlock new abilities and skills, or to build MEC units. As part of this augmentation system, when players now perform autopsies on their captured aliens, they will discover Gene Mods that can upgrade your various soldiers' eyes, chest, limbs, skin and brain with new powers. The Meld can also be used to upgrade any soldier into a MEC- losing all their previous abilities but becoming a large scale robotic unit that wields custom weapons such as Flamethrowers and Grenade Launchers, with an arsenal of unique powers of their own.

The Alien menace will begin to augment and mechanize their own units as the game progresses as well- introducing brand new enemy types and modified classic enemies, such as empowered Sectoids and giant robots. To help fight these new aliens, basic soldiers have a wider range of tools made available to them- such as new Needle Grenades built from autopsied Chryssalid corpses, and new passive abilities that can increase damage output and create new tactics.

Players will have access to deeper soldier customization as well. New hairstyles and physical presets are made available, and their individual voices can be changed to any language the game has been dubbed to- English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian and Polish. Tutorial voice-overs from Doctor Vahlen and Doctor Shen can now be turned off as well.


To Be Written 


Enemy Within was first teased in various websites and interviews after the announcement of the iOS port of Enemy Unknown. After months of activity, the Expansion was unveiled for the first time to the public at Gamecom 2013, where a story teaser trailer was shown alongside a press release detailing new features and numerous screenshots.


To Be Released.

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